For awhile after you quit Keats all other poetry seems to be only whistling or humming.
— F. Scott Fitzgerald (via gylleneungdom)
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  • John: I can't believe I finally have my life back together.
  • John: No more days spent crying my heart out.
  • John: What's done is done.
  • John: I've got a fine woman, a great moustache,
  • John: Planning a future. Yep. Life is good.
  • John: Time to settle down. No more violent upheaval--
  • Sherlock: Hello, John. I'm alive.
  • John: MotherFUCK!!!
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The Sims
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That Mysterious “S” Thing We Used to Draw (by the1janitor)

We used to draw this as kids and it’s always confused me. It still really bothers me tbh.

This is really creepy tbh.

yeah we used to draw these! around 2002. at the time i was told it was like the slipknot logo but now i know it’s totally not. but we did used to get in trouble for drawing them.

This has always been one of my favorite urban mysteries. My grandma said she and her friends have drawn it back in elementary school too, which is really weird. When I drew it as a kid, I thought it was a gang symbol and that I was being cool, but I had ever heard anyone actually talk about it. Then I saw an article about the symbol a few years back and was like “WHAT THE FUCK”

We all thought it was a version of $


i used to teach kids how to draw this in fifth grade and it was one of the only reasons i was cool 

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